Student Organizations

Student organizations are the heart of extracurricular activities at Georgetown Law. Throughout the academic year the Law Center is alive with activity through student group programming. The 90+ student groups engage the community by hosting panels and guest speakers about law and policy issues, provide community service opportunities and outreach, engage alumni and practitioners in professional development for students, and provide opportunities for social interaction and cultural appreciation. Student organizations promote the communal spirit of the Law Center; the diversity of student organization events and venues allow for GULC students to come together to learn, engage and form new relationships.

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Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the governing body of the students at Georgetown Law. Through its activities, the SBA endeavors to further legal education, promote fellowship and goodwill among students, faculty and the administration, and advocate the concerns of the Law Center's students. In addition, the SBA coordinates student activities and organizations, and is charged with appropriating funds for student activities and student organizations. For for more information click here for their website. 

Forming a New Group

  • Organize: Student Organizations are a vital and integral part of Student Life at Georgetown Law. There are a wide variety of student organizations that actively produce activities and events for the students and the community at Georgetown Law. New student organizations can be considered for official recognition and funding from the Student Bar Association by completing the following the steps :
  1. Complete the Register New Organization Application.
  2. Submit a proposed Constitution (see Sample Constitution).
  3. Provide a list of 10 manes and signatures, including email addresses, of interested members.

The Student Life Committee (consisting of students, staff and faculty) meets (usually once per semester) to consider new student organization applications and evaluates them on an individual basis. The committee determines whether a group applying for recognition will bring value to the university community and ensures there is no duplication in purpose or name of an existing Georgetown Law student organization.  After their decision has been made the applicant is notified of the committee’s decision.

  • Reactivate: The process to reactivate a student organization is simple. First, talk to the Coordinator of Student Organizations, in the Office of Student Life. Then, plan an information meeting to gauge student interest in the group. Next, submit the Register New Organization application and proposed constitution for approval. The Student Life Committee will evaluate the application and notify the applicant whether the group has been approved as a student organization and if they are eligible for funding. 

Policies and Guidelines

Planning an Event for your Group

To plan an event with your student group please refer to the event planning page of our website by clicking here. 

Financial Planning for your Group 

The SBA is in charge of budget allocations for student groups however, click here for more information about our financial policies, forms and procedures.